Monday, May 2, 2011

Skirting around...

Time for some pictures of the great skirts everyone has created as a part of our 'Skirting around exhibition' and silent auction.

1. 'The Grass is greener' by Finki.
Applique and screen print on denim.
Size S (10-12)

2. 'A far cry from olives' by Roze.
Hand screen printed and gold foiled on denim.
Size S (10-12)

 3. 'Flying ducks' by Polly Pratt.
Applique on denim.
Size 16

 4. 'Encircle' by Starashan.
Denim and vintage silk kimono.
Size 12

 5. 'Embroidery Tree' by Dear Someone.
Applique denim.
Size 12.

 6. 'Oh Deer' by Ena Designs.
Free motion machine embroidery on  denim. Size 10-12

 7. 'Ruby's view' by Mim.
 Hand screen print and embroidery.
 Size 16

 8. 'Rosie's Trippin' by Troika.
 Hand screen printed on denim.
 Size 14.

 Winning bidders will be contacted at close of auction this Sunday 8th may, so if you haven't put your bid in yet it's not too late. Just drop us a line at or call the shop on 9388-8006 to be in the running.

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