screen printing for beginners
Roze Elizabeth runs monthly classes for beginners in store.  These classes are designed to provide a hands on experience to inspire and explore you to explore the medium of textile printing.  Advanced screen printing classes are also available.  Contact the store for bookings, or Roze Elizabeth on 0425 885 082.

screen print your own t-shirt
Shelly Kent from Orange Owl Textiles runs classes over a period of four weeks.  This is a fun and informative class designed to teach you screen printing techniques.  You'll come away from the class with a new tee complete with your own design!  Contact the store for more details, or Call Shelly directly on 0432 390 943.

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  1. Hi, I'm looking into screen printing workshops to learn everything to do with this idustry.
    I am a graphic artist looking to start a small business from home therefore need to know the whole process from emulsion for creating film all the way through to printing the final product.
    Is this workshop suitable for me ?
    Any information would be greately appreciated.