The Olive Grove Studios is an eclectic retail collective located in Brunswick.  The shared space encourages the development of our ideas and the growth of our businesses in an environment designed to incubate and launch emerging designers.

The Olive Grove Studios is not just a retail space.  It is here that we do much of our creative work.  On any given day that you visit the store, you'll find one of us here sewing, screen printing, cutting or working away on some new creation.  Many of us make to order, so feel free to ask us if you have something special in mind or need an alteration to existing stock.

While selling online is on the horizon, we're not quite there yet... at least as far as an online store goes.  However, we are more than happy to sell via paypal or via a phone transaction and put your purchase in the post for you.  So, if there's something you see here on our blog, or on our Facebook page, feel free to get in touch.

159 Sydney Road

p (03) 9388 8006
e  olivegrovestudios@gmail.com

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